Today, The Day After, social media is alive with calls for his demise, that he’s not ‘my’ president, and the continued list of his personal failings. A Republican won by being a man of the people against a Corporatist Democrat. Bizzaro world.

Why did Trump win?

  1. Voters came to grips with Trump’s character flaws, but Clinton supporters tried to maintain that she was perfect and all her flaws and corruption were merely conspiracies.
  2. Wikileaks. Bigly damaging because it’s hard to call everything a conspiracy when you’re reading internal emails, whether the Ruskies hacked them or not.
  3. Deploreables. This meme is #1 reason why Hillary lost. We’ve had flawed politicians since forever. People look past that. But when the insults move from the candidate to his supporters, yo lose. You can’t take a core group of voters, ignore them, and then lump them in a basket of deplorables. Trump was an awful candidate, Clinton was worse, somehow, she was worse.
  4. The Media. Some 90% of polls showed Hillary ahead, their big city bias was unchecked. In their mind, there was no way the rural areas could win out. They wer ein an echo chamber. Before Trump even had the Republican nomination wrapped up, he was being called Hitler (oddly enough, for positions that Bill Clinton held : This is called priming. The intent was to dehumanize him for the General. However, there is a term called Reductio ad Hitlerum, it is a logical fallacy whereby you associate someone with Hitler in order to win an argument. When you consider #2 above, it’s not hard to imagine the DNC feeding some of this strategy to media outlets via talking points. It backfired.
  5. Big City vs Rural. Pull up an electoral map of counties friends.

City Dwellers who fly from New York to Los Angeles in order to move from one echo chamber to the next need to realize that the land they fly over is inhabited by humans. Places in the middle of Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin that are two hours from anywhere and have one manufacturing plant with half the workforce laid off. West Virginia where the coal industry is under attack by what they see as dubious climate change claims – that yes, feeding their kids is more important than the hyperbolic connection you make between AGW and their livelihoods.

To the hearts and minds of these people, you City Dwellers are heartless interlopers who could not put food on your own table without buying it at the grocery store. Energy, the provide it. Cars, Trucks, Busses, Trains, they build them. The  machinery to build your cities, they make that too. The grow your food and ship it too you. What do they get in response? Condescension. The idea that City folk know better. Trump tapped into this resentment. It’s real.

To be sure. They are not against intellectuals or learning, but they recoil against the idea that the learned get to call the shots in some grand social engineering plan they don’t have a say in. They recoil at your paternalism, not your intellect.

Yesterday. They got their revenge. You are the Eloi, and yesterday, the bell rang, and they thank you for your sacrifice.

We question whether Trump’s populism will be effective. We do not like his anti-trade policies. We do not like him personally and did not vote for him. We do appreciate the destruction of the Clinton cartel, and we applaud the pause in Social-Liberalism, that  ideology of destruction  built on theft, false justice and lies, which corrodes and does not build, which moves, progresses, and eats anything in its way. For four years at least, that evil monster is dormant. We shall see if the replacement is any better.